Animal Neglect and Abuse

The neglect and abuse of domestic animals is an unfortunate reality in our province. The Alberta SPCA receives thousands of calls each year from people concerned that they have witnessed some form of animal cruelty. We deal with animal welfare issues involving livestock and companion animals, from horses to dogs to cattle.

Neglect is typically the most common reason for animal welfare issues and can be defined in a number of ways:

  • to pay little or no attention to; fail to heed; disregard
  • to fail to care for or attend to properly
  • to fail to do or carry out, as through carelessness or oversight

Regardless of the reason for neglect—be it carelessness, oversight or lack of knowledge—people who own or look after animals must be held accountable. In some instances, we are able to work with people to improve their understanding of acceptable levels of care and therefore improve the condition of the animals they have. But because no two investigations are alike, it’s up to our Peace Officers to take appropriate action based on what they observe along with their extensive experience and knowledge of animal welfare and care.