Humane Education

Humane education is a learning process that inspires compassion and respect for animals, people and the environment. Through example, technique and appropriate choice of resources and topics, teachers help students to recognize the inter-dependence of all living things.

Humane education in the classroom incorporates an exploration of human, animal and environmental needs and concerns, to help children develop a personal sense of responsibility and a compassionate attitude towards all life forms. At a time when children are forming their own moral code, humane education strives to encourage them to consider different issues:

  • thinking about others (including animals) and their needs, feelings and suffering
  • considering the effects of one’s own actions
  • reflecting on the world and one’s place within it

Humane education is not simply instruction on animal care (though that is included), nor is it a separate subject to be taught. Humane education is an approach to instruction that infuses the curriculum with concern for all living creatures. It is “taught” by providing the necessary knowledge and skills to demonstrate responsible care, by choosing appropriate teaching methods and resources, and by the teacher’s own example in modelling kindness and respect.

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