Fred Pearce Memorial Lectures

Frederick William Pearce was born in 1917 and spent his life on the 320-acre Pearce family farm near Huxley, Alberta. Horses were his passion. He grew up working the farm with teams of horses, and kept horses even after tractors replaced horsepower because he enjoyed their companionship and derived pleasure from caring for them. Once a horse came to the Pearce farm, it stayed for the rest of its life. Fred’s horses either died of natural causes or were humanely euthanized by a veterinarian if their quality of life could not be maintained. All are buried on the Pearce property.

When he died in August 1993, Fred left the proceeds of his estate to the Alberta SPCA. Because of his deeply felt desire to help horses even after his death, it was decided that the Alberta SPCA would annually sponsor a speaker who could address issues of direct relevance to the humane and ethical treatment and use of horses. The first Fred Pearce Memorial Lecture was delivered at the 1995 Horse Breeders and Owners Conference, and has been an integral feature of each successive conference. Since a third of all calls to the Alberta SPCA Animal Protection Services involve horses, this is a fitting way to help animals and pay tribute to Mr. Pearce and his love for horses.

Visit the Horse Industry Association of Alberta website for more information about the annual Horse Breeders and Owners Conference in Red Deer.

Past Speakers

2010: Dr. Derek Haley, Animal Welfare and Horses

2009: Dr. Eva Søndergaard, Temperament: Matching Horses to the Job

2008: Dr. Carolyn L. Stull, The Skinny on Carbohydrates and Body Size of Horses

2007: Dr. Nat Messer, The Plight of the Unwanted Horse

2006: Dr. Cynthia McCall, Understanding and Dealing With Your Horse’s Behaviour

2005: Dr. Terry Whiting, Considerations in the Humane Treatment of Low-Value Livestock

2004: Joy Ripley, Changes in Society’s Attitude Toward Animal Welfare: What Does This Mean to Horse Owners?

2003: Mother Hildegard George, The Spirit of the Horse and the Spirituality of the Child

2002: Kimball Lewis, Horse Abuse and Neglect in North America: Fact and Fiction

2001: Dr. Sue McDonnell, Behaviour Modification to Create the User-Friendly Horse

2000: Dr. Catherine Kohn, Transporting Performance Horses

1999: Dr. Nadia Cymbaluk, Water: The Overlooked Nutrient

1998: Dr. Sue McDonnell, Normal and Abnormal Behaviour of Stabled Horses

1997: Dr. Carolyn Stull, Transporting Horses Effectively

1996: Dr. Bernard Rollin, The New Ethic for Animals and the Equine Industry

1995: Dr. Andrew F. Clarke, Respiratory Health