Animal Protection Services

Domestic animals, including livestock and companion animals, depend on people to meet their basic needs for food, water, shelter and care. Animals in distress from a lack of these necessities cannot ask for help.

Public involvement is essential to the Alberta SPCA’s success in helping animals. We rely on people to call us about animal cruelty and neglect they’ve witnessed so that we can investigate. Alberta SPCA Peace Officers, appointed by Alberta’s Solicitor General to enforce the province’s Animal Protection Act, travel hundreds of thousands of kilometres every year to investigate these reports.

No two investigations are ever the same and neither are the outcomes. Our investigations can lead to opportunities to educate owners about proper animal care and handling – but they may also require the removal of animals from properties where uncooperative owners show little willingness to provide acceptable care.

Our Peace Officers are highly trained and knowledgeable in understanding the care requirements of many species as well as identifying potential animals in distress. Using their experience and skills, our Peace Officers take whatever action they deem necessary to ensure the animals’ health and well-being. As part of our mandate to protect animals, the Alberta SPCA developed comprehensive guidelines for all aspects of investigations including receiving complaints, complaint investigation, biosecurity procedures, investigation reports, issuing notices, taking animals into protective custody, and the use of veterinarians.

In addition to investigations, our Peace Officers also inspect animal holding and handling facilities such as livestock transport vehicles, pet shops, auction markets and kennels to ensure appropriate levels of care are being provided.