Transportation of Live Animals


The Alberta SPCA accepts the transportation of animals in a safe and humane manner that is appropriate to their species.


Individuals and organizations that transport livestock must comply with the most current codes of practice as well as provincial and federal regulations. However, the Alberta SPCA supports improvements based on research to ensure the welfare of transported animals.

Sound, species-specific transportation practices should ensure

  • the fitness of the animal for transport
  • safe handling, loading and unloading practices
  • adequate ventilation, temperature control, food, water and rest
  • safety and security from injury
  • well-maintained equipment
  • sufficient space
  • where appropriate, the use of enclosures, restraints or other tethering devices
  • that animals of different species or of substantial differences in weight or age are not transported in the same space
  • the segregation of animals that are incompatible by nature

The Alberta SPCA advocates for special training and certification for professional drivers and handlers of animals being loaded or unloaded for transport.

The Alberta SPCA strongly discourages the transportation of companion animals in open vehicles.