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Cupcakes to the Rescue

It’s easy and delicious to host a National Cupcake Day party

Just register to become a Cupcake Day Host at and encourage co-workers, friends and family to donate online in advance.

On February 29th, bake up a batch of your best cupcakes (or buy them!) and host your Cupcake Day Party in your office, school or home.

Lottery tickets on sale

36 cash prizes totalling $90,000

$25,000 Grand Prize
Three early bird draws
Get your tickets before they’re gone!

Alberta SPCA Calendar and Note Cards

2016_calendar_cover.jpg The Alberta SPCA calendar features 13 beautiful photos from our summer photo contest. One of them might be by someone you know.

Download the PDF form to order the 2016 Alberta SPCA calendar or any of our great animal note cards.

If you fill in the form electronically, it will calculate the total cost of your order for you—including shipping and handling charges. Then you can email the completed form to, or print it out and mail or fax it to us.

Or call 780-732-3746 to order by telephone.

Pet safekeeping program wins award

We are very pleased to announce that the Alberta Alliance for the Safety of Animals and People (AASAP), which developed a pet safekeeping program for the victims of domestic violence, has won the 2015 Urban Animal Summit Award for Collaboration. Led by the Alberta SPCA, AASAP is a network of more than a dozen agencies that work together to create options for victims of domestic violence to leave their situation and know their pet is safe and cared for.