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Alberta SPCA is hiring

The Alberta SPCA is looking for individuals with a genuine concern for animal welfare to fill a part-time administrative position based out of our Edmonton office.

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We need your immediate help

Staggering costs to care for more than 200 seized animals

You’ve likely heard about the Alberta SPCA’s massive seizure of distressed animals from a commercial pet-breeding facility in southern Alberta. We removed more than 200 dogs, cats, rabbits and tortoises that were suffering needlessly.

Thankfully, the animals are improving.

But now we need your support without delay!

While the owner fought for many weeks to have all the animals returned to him, the Alberta SPCA paid the staggering costs of their lengthy care at various shelters.

The bill is more than $500,000 (and growing) just for boarding and medical attention, not including our legal fees. We can’t let this enormous expense affect our ability to care for other abused and neglected animals in the future—not when we receive over 2,200 reports of animals in distress every year!

Please support the care of abused animals with your donation.